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This was an emailed list of the troop postings in Newport from 1943-44. I contacted the email address which was amazingly still live.The man concerned who signed himself Phil told me that he had no further interest in the troops in Newport he just wanted to find out when and where they were stationed.My thanks go also to the Newport Past web site for help and advice on many areas of my research.To all these kind and interesting people I extend my fervent thanks and apologies to any that I have unintentionally omitted.They neither knew nor understood why America should get drawn into another European War. The Majority of American politicians were anti war and as late as October 30th 1940 President Roosevelt was assuring American parents that “”. Thus young inexperienced soldiers were thrust into a climate of mutual distrust.What possible advantages could there be for Americans in fighting Hitler? [2] This attitude would have persisted surely, had not the devastating events of Pearl Harbour occurred on December 7th 1940. They were going to a country whose position they were unsure of, to a people who lived in a different world, who spoke a strange form of “American” in a plumy accent, who existed in a world of class distinction and who quite frankly didn’t want them there.

Mike Buckinham “Reflecting on a Century of Memories”. Florence Price on the occasion of her 100th birthday.

It was not until the immediate weeks and days preceding D-Day that combat troops thronged Newport Docks and packed Forge Lane in transport carriers waiting to board ships to take them to the beaches of Normandy The 756th were vital to the war effort and most Newportonians would be amazed to hear that in little more than a period of two years over 700 engines were imported into Newport from the U. At least 56 of these engines were diesel, until then almost unknown in Britain.

[3] The American service men based in Newport consisted of Quartermaster troops, signals, communication and postal units; truck drivers, clerical officers, nurses and most important of all pay and salary officers.

Later these groups were granted the names of the Eagle Squadrons. It became a mark of pride and prestige to become part of one of these groups.

Many of the GIs travelling across the Atlantic on the troop ships had no inkling of their final destination.

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For many years since World War One relations between Britain and the U. America was forced to accept that Japan and her Axis Allies could attack the mighty U. Eventually the GIs discovered that the tiny little island was England (Britain) but they still had no idea where Wales was let alone Newport!